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Sewn with smart threads; LilyPad Arduino

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Technology advances so quickly that even early adopters have barely had time to get used to the latest products and the innovators are already seeing a new development on their horizon.

The LilyPad Arduino is a set of electronic parts and modules used to create interactive garments. Sensors, speakers and LED lights are stitched together with conductive thread to create dynamic garments or accessories, like the Climate Dress and the Bio Circuit vest which interact with the environment.

The Climate Dress, created by Danish design studio Diffus, is a dress made of LED lights and carbon dioxide sensors connected by the LilyPad Arduino conductive embroidery.

The sensors detect the CO2 and the LEDs flash according to the carbon dioxide levels. Although, the dress does not differentiate between CO2 caused by pollution and CO2 produced by plant photosynthesis, the Climate Dress can still make a big impact on environmental awareness.

On the other hand; the Bio Circuit vest, developed by Canadian designer Dana Ramler using LilyPad Arduino technology, explores the interrelations of humans and the environment by measuring the state of calmness or anxiety through the heartbeat. If the wearer’s heart rate increases, the speaker embedded in the vest emits a cacophony of traffic and urban sounds. If, instead, the heart rate is low, the wearer will hear relaxing sounds such as the flow of a river (see how this vest works on Vimeo).

The innovation of these garments lies in the dialogue that is created between humans and environment. A dialogue that goes beyond the aim of dressing the human body and tries to establish a relationship between fashion, body, technology and nature.

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